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A day where I was thinking on the water, which is no good sign and usually means the conditions are very poor. Actually the gusts today were a bit stronger than yesterday, but the fact that probably every single fisherboat ties a rubber banana or some kind of rubber flotable thing to the tail of his boat to speed through the Windsurf Area and that the Kitesurfers, who already took the entire Coastline around El Yaque for their Sport also jump around right in the middle of the Windsurf Area....  Well with a huge amount of Kitesurfers that surely can happen, when if the count is around a hundred Windsurfers in the Windsurf Area and 22 Kitesurfers (yes, it has been pretty boring and i took the time to count a little of everything, there were 11 Fisherboats by the way) at an area of around 5 kilometers, I don´t consider that as necessary and really pi...ed some people of today.....  me not really but i decided to just call that day off for me and spend some more time working at home..... 

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    Centrifugal Juicer (Freitag, 26 April 2013 19:17)

    I shared this upon Twitter! My pals will really want it!

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