chaos day

My passion in life certainly is on the water, if windsurfing, surfing, Kiting or now with the SUP´s and I remember those days when I came back from the water just smiling or just exhausted, but feeling really really good. Ultimately i am starting to miss that feeling.. it´s long time ago that I had some really good wave conditions in windsurfing. Some pretty good and glassy surf and one, two SUP session which deserve to be mentioned. Sitting around waiting for wind for good three months now, yesterday and today finally we got two 15 minute storms, with lots of rain but at least some pressure in my 5,4 Duke....  Unluckily all Windsurfers decided to sail within the smallest possible area, just before the Kitesurfers, which already got three big Kite Areas, also decided to jump and carve a little through the windsurfers and the fisherboats started to cross the scenerie much more than you could imagine...  pure chaos...  made me angry ??  not really but sometimes i come to no understanding what is really going on and when I will get that smile on my face after a session again...

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