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I am really starting to ask myself what is going on with the weather forecasts....  No rain predicted, we get soaking wet and have to cover and secure our house of the immense water falling from the sky.....  there are waves predicted, Boards get waxed, speeding up north and - flat as a lake, wind forecasts tell us for i can´t remember how many times that at least 20 to 21 knots will blow along the shore...  and the water surface appears as  a mirror and far away from choppy whitecaps, pushed by the winds into the bay....  yes, i find that a little weird, but it all seems to be extremely local...  since none of the clowds or responsable destroyers of our wind system can be seen on the satellite images neither......  still we hope that one day the forecasts might tell the truth, or that they start to predict no wind and no waves and are wrong as well, either way would be ok for us.. some people seem to loose nerves by now...  understandable, when one pays quite some money for the maybe only two weeks of windsurfing he gets and than there is just nothing.....  at least the past two days it has been alright for the big gear and people started to smile a bit already....  way better than watching those angry faces every day at the beach

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