Another day in search for... whatever....

You know those days where ever thing you seems to be wrong, where Murphy´s Law hits you hard ??  Well, ultimately I lived quite some of thise days, at least sportswise. It looks windy, I grab my Windsurf Gear go out , make my first Move after 10 seconds and for the remaining half hour in the water i fight to come back in because of the totally dying winds, but before i come back to the beach i see that little wave breaking over the sandbank.. no wind, small waves.. ok, another SUP Session... as soon as I get to the Sandbank, the Banana Boats decide to bring their clients also their for some more fun and to create some ugly chop, for me......  I try to still get onto some of those micro waves before they vanish completely and i return to home base.... that day was over, no more wind, no waves...  so back home the next decision... checking the sky, blue, no clowds, forecasts say no rain...  so i get my garden hose and water the plants...  just rolling in the hose when i finished, the first drops hit my head and 10 minutes later its pooring, tons of water falling from the sky....  that day is over... no more decisions today...  tomorrow everything will be better....

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    Moris (Samstag, 14 Juli 2012 00:41)

    THX for info

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