Sunny Christmas

I just can´t stop watching the images of those tons of snow all over europe, pretty unlucky for those who were or are stucked in the snow for hours and hours, missing work, coming late for flights, trains etc to get back home or important appointments, right before christmas. I am really no christmas guy, but i do love the snow and actually it is one of the few things i really miss sometimes when i live with the sun all year around, with none changing waether. Not Complaining !!  Sure that life is great, but the christmas markets in germany, covered in snow, sipping some of the Glühwein... you don´t know what that is ???  a special hot wine, just great when it´s cold and in the right atmosphere, so not really in the Caribbean.

Well here Christmas will be pretty different once again. The rain has vanished, but lots of people have arrived, venezuelan holidays, means people drive to the beach with huge coolers, full of rum and whisky, or whatever but sure it´s alcohol....  at late afternoon they just sit in their cars and drive back to their city appartments...  there were some really nasty accidents already in the past week, so better stay off the road as much as i can. Hopefully it won´t be as crowded as it is through semana santa, the easter party week...  but with some of the main beaches at the island closed, it might easily happen..  i´ll keep you updated with the pics...

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